Kickstart Green

Kickstarter: Guess what you can find me pitching my multimedia project, Green, a paradox of abundance and scarcity on Kickstarter, a great website that helps people with projects to get funding.

I have initiated what I hope will be a 3-year traveling exhibit called Green, a paradox of abundance and scarcity which will be opening January at the Fort Worth Arts Center, TX. Rather than the typical art exhibit that is intended to sell work, my intention for Green is to tour non-profit community art centers, universities & colleges for the purpose of educating and exposing folks from around the country to the issues surrounding scarcity amidst abundance. Unfortunately all of these exhibit venues are experiencing severe budget cuts due to current economic conditions. As a result they are no longer able to pay for crating and shipping of my work despite the fact they are VERY interested in participating with me on this project.

 As a result I have launched a Kickstarter project that I think you might find fun, interesting and hopefully worth collaborating in with me. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter you might get a “kick” out of checking out their website which is dedicated to helping artists, inventors, and other creative types get their projects funded. I am really excited about the reception this work has received from curators around the country and I am hoping that you might help me pay for the crating and shipping of this multi-media exhibit. All of the proceeds will be devoted to these out-of-pocket expenses. None of the funds raised will go to me personally.

 I need your help to get this exhibit seen, hopefully in as many venues as possible. I would love for you to become my partner in this exciting traveling exhibit and will send you a gift if you can see your way clear to participate with me. Check out the link below and please pass this along to everyone you think might be interested.

 Thanks a bunch for considering this partnership with me.